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Handmade Brittles

A sweet symphony of sugar, water, butter, salt, and nuts, our brittles have an irresistible, crunchy texture.

Please note that we hand stretch our brittles, and so some breakage will occur during shipping.

We sell these sweets in 8.5-oz. bags inside of a window box. We now also offer our brittle in 2.5-oz. packages, it is a great sample size so you can find our which brittle is your favorite. Choose from our wide range of classic and specialty flavors:

• Peanut Brittle
• Almond/Pecan Brittle
• Bourbon Pecan Bacon Brittle
• Coconut Brittle • Cashew Brittle

• Now Offering....

Peanut Brittle Popcorn in 7-oz Bags
• OG Corn
• Cinnamon Brittle Popcorn

• Hot Cocoa Corn with Marshmallows

KRACKLE in 7oz Bags

Peanut Brittle over Crisp Rice Cereal 

KrackleBrittle Corn

Brittle PillowsPeanut and Bacon Brittle

Hot Cocoa Corn BrittleCinnamon Brittle Corn

Contact us in Fort Collins, Colorado, for hard candy and peanut brittle treats that taste as good as they look.

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